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Explore Leading Waterproofing Projects in the Bay Area

Waterproofing isn’t the kind of project in which you can cut corners; poor waterproofing can lead to costly property damage after big storms. That’s why the team at CAWC Waterproofing & Restoration in the Bay Area is dedicated to quality and commitment, providing experience and expertise that’s perfect for any waterproofing project.

Explore what we offer

Since 1971, we have been working hard on behalf of our clients. Explore our projects below and let us show you what we can do for you.

Windows and Glazing
Carpentry & Dry Rot


Daniel Burnham Ct. – Deck Coatings

Pedestrian Coatings installed on balconies, pool decks, and common areas.

101 Ellsworth – Planter Boxes

Removed existing waterproofing from planter boxes and cleaned the concrete substrate to install new waterproof membrane. The planter boxes were located on the third floor, directly over the parking garage.

Water Tank – Undisclosed Client

A fire system emergency backup 250,000-gallon water tank was stripped and recoated with Gaco Western LM60. The project required confined space protocol to complete the work.

Fox Plaza

A 35-story mixed-use high rise that CAWC has completed a variety of exterior waterproofing work. Work includes garage ramp coatings, elastomeric coating and sealants on the exterior.

One Hacker Way

Completed colorful coatings to artistically renovate the exterior of the building per client’s specifications. Painted sealants, extrusion tape and metal to match accordingly.


Caroland’s Mansion

CAWC was called out by the owner to repair the leaking windows in the entire mansion. This required a water test to determine the extent and cause of the leaks.

Betsey Ross

Repaired exterior façade on the building, including spall repair, textured coating, and sealants. Completed structural dry rot repair to glue lam beams.

Russian Orthodox Church

Installed scaffolding to access the onion dome for repair work to be completed to the gold leaf tiles and to repaint the crosses with gold paint.



Broadway Burlingame

Completed sidewalk sealant joints for a public works job in downtown Burlingame.

2001 Gateway

Completed structural window glazing, silicone extrusion tape at window perimeters, and applied elastomeric coating to the exterior of the building.

2001 Gateway

Completed structural window glazing, silicone extrusion tape at window perimeters, and applied elastomeric coating to the exterior of the building.

O’Connor Hospital

Ongoing repairs to the exterior of the hospital to ensure a leak-free environment.

Windows & Glazing

1000 Burnett Ave Concord

Resealed all windows and GFRC panels on the 4-story office building. CAWC also removed the aluminum beauty caps to update the exterior of the building.

Malt House – Window Restoration

Removed the existing window assemblies from the 2-7th floors, installed stainless steel flashing, and then reinstalled the existing windows into place. Work was completed with tenants living within the units.

Hyatt Regency – Skylight

Installed new structural glazing and extruded silicone to mitigate water intrusion throughout the skylights.

Carpentry & Dry Rot


A 2-story apartment complex with 650 units was experiencing failure at the second-floor split slab waterproof membrane. The failure was causing extensive dry rot to glue lam beams and other supporting structure. CAWC completed all dry rot, stucco, and flashing repairs.

128 El Camino

A condominium complex was experiencing leaks at the windows; the leaks were identified along with dry rot at the window frames. The dry rot was repaired and new flashing was installed to stop future leaks.


A below grade, concrete wall that had been furred out with sheet rock for interior space. The sheet rock was removed to access the leaking concrete wall. CAWC performed grout injection to stop the ongoing leaks and the wall was replaced back to existing conditions.

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