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Spall repair

Spall repair of damage to vertical concrete.


If your building is experiencing leak issues or the integrity of the structure has been compromised, we have the know-how to repair and restore your property with the most cost-effective and innovative solutions.


Too often, property owners don’t realize their building has water damage until it’s too late. Whether it's early detection or locating severe damage, we can identify the necessary repairs and restoration  to correct the problem. 

Restore Serv


  • Stucco Repair & Application
    While stucco is a sturdy and versatile siding material, it can still be subjected to water damage. If your stucco was improperly installed or is past its useful life, water can leak behind the material causing severe damage. We repair, replace, and reinstall stucco to look and perform better than the original.

  • EIFS* Repair
    We take the least invasive and most cost effective approach to repairing your exterior insulation. We start by properly identifying problem areas and build a plan to restore your building's exterior.  We have years of experience working with all types of materials for diverse EIFS projects.

    *Exterior Insulation Finishing System

  • Concrete Repair
    Erosion can take its toll on concrete — but all is not lost. We accurately diagnose the damage and formulate a strategy to repair concrete surfaces to prevent further damage.

  • Follow-up Carpentry & Painting
    Carpentry becomes part of restoration if damage is unforeseen behind the substrate or required with new installations. CAWC tackles these projects in conjunction with repairing the cause of damage or with new system installations. And once repairs are done, our full package includes painting to leave a turnkey finish.  

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