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Sealant at window

Application of sealant at window perimeter.


When leakage occurs around windows due to water damage, it's essential to fully analyze the problem to determine the appropriate type of repair.

Our practiced techniques ensure that your existing windows or replacement windows remain tightly sealed as a barrier to water damage.

To avoid potential problems before they occur, CAWC can test your existing window sealants to determine how secure the material is and make recommendations to prevent future leaks. 

Window Serv


  • Window Wall Glazing
    Many contemporary buildings are designed with large glass window walls. The factory-installed rubberized gaskets deteriorate over time, resulting in water, air, and insect intrusion. Repairs include removing the existing gaskets and replacing them with silicone seals. In some cases, customized silicone extrusions are installed in conjunction with the silicone seal.

  • Window Flashings
    Our training and techniques ensure that window flashings are professional installed. When necessary, complete removal of the window may be necessary. The process can include sealant replacement, metal flashing installation, and membrane replacement.

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