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Traffic coating

Traffic coating being applied to parking deck.

Waterproofing Serv


Water damage and its aftereffects can plague a building's exterior and interior. When you find a leak, locating exactly where the water is entering can be deceptive — that’s where we step in.

CAWC's experienced team will assess the problem areas to determine the best possible solution for repairing the damage, and a cost-effective approach to meet your needs.

In addition, CAWC can also provide ongoing maintenance to protect your building from damage, prevent signifiant repair and restoration costs in the future.


  • Water Testing
    Water testing is the most effective way to pinpoint the source of a leak. We test for water infiltration and air intrusion, including ASTM* Diagnostic Tests. These tests help determine the type of repair to provide the best possible return on your maintenance investment.

  • Exterior Wall Coating
    These coatings are durable, flexible, tough, and breathable, designed specifically to safeguard the exterior envelope of your commercial property from the elements.

  • Traffic & Deck Coatings
    For high traffic pedestrian and vehicle surfaces, we lay down a strong, attractive, high performance waterproof system tailored to your specific needs. This type of coating protects against the most rigorous wear and tear and water damage.​

  • Balcony Waterproofing
    Ensure that your balcony remains safe and sturdy year-round. If left untreated these structures can fall prey to weakened supports and serious deterioration. We can protect the structural integrity of critical surfaces.

  • Planter Waterproofing
    Water from planters constantly saturates a building's substrate. If you notice leakage, installing a protective system or replacing the damaged system is imperative. Additional protection can include sloping, drain and clean-out repairs, and root barriers.

  • Below Grade Chemical Grout Injection & Epoxy
    If your below grade walls cannot be accessed for waterproofing, we apply chemical grout injection to get into hard-to-reach places. This creates a chemical seal to stop water damage within cracks and joints. 

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